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George Meredith Branch

George Meredith Branch, South African marine ecologist (Salisbury, Zimbabwe 25 September 1942 -


Developed a new concept related to the metabolic rate of intertidal organisms, the concept of “conservers” versus “exploiters” contrasting species which have low metabolic rates and thereby conserve energy with those that appear profligate in their metabolic rates

With R.C. Newell. The influence of temperature on the maintenance of metabolic energy balance in marine invertebrates. Adv. Marine Biol. 17:329-96, 1980

First demonstration of feeding co-operatively in groups in a starfish

With W.O. Blankley. Cooperative prey capture and unusual brooding habits of Anasterias rupicola (Verrill) (Asteroidea) at Sub-Antarctic Marion Island. Mar. Ecol. Progr. Ser. 20:171-6, 1984

With A. Barkai reported the first demonstration of a density-dependent reversal of a predator-prey relationship and the first evidence of how alternative stable states can be maintained in natural ecosystems (1987-8)

Developed a palaeothermometer using calcite:aragonite ratios and provided the first demonstration of three recent episodes of ocean cooling in the Southern Hemisphere

With Anne L. Cohen. Environmentally controlled variation in the structure and mineralogy of Patella granularis shells from the coast of South African: implications for palaeotemperature assessments. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclim. Palaeoecol. 91:49-57, 1992

First quantitative demonstration of that wave action enhances both the concentration and the turnover of food for filter feeders

Large scale patterns and trophic structure of southern African rocky shores: the roles of geographic variation and wave exposure. J. Biogeog. 23:339-51, 1996

Developed a system for marine protected areas evaluation

With P.A.R. Hockey. Criteria, objectives and methodology for evaluating marine protected areas in South Africa. S. Afr. J. Mar. Sci. 18:369-83, 1997

First study to measure the consequences of shell erosion

With E. Day & C. Viljoen. How costly is molluscan shell erosion?A comparison of two limpets with contrasting shell structures. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 243:185-208, 2000


Burnupena denseliriata & Burnupena rotunda 1999 with Dempster (Mollusca)

Calvadosia lewisi 2017 with Miranda, Collins, Hirano, Marques & Griffiths (Cnidaria)

Scutellidium macrosetum 1975 & Scutellidium patellarum 1974 (Crustacea)


International Temperate Reefs Award for Lifetime Contributions to Marine Science (2006)