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Francisco Saturnino Rodrigues de Brito

Francisco Saturnino Rodrigues de Brito, Brazilian sanitary engineer (Campos, Rio de Janeiro State 14 July 1864 - Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul State 10 March 1929)


Built innovative concrete bridges (1906-7)

Developed a economic model of fluxible reservoir known as fluxible reservoir Saturnino de Brito (1900), used in Europe Continent
Invented telehydrodynamics system for sewerage, presented in book Technologie Sanitaire
Invented many devices used in water supply and sewerage systems, developing and introducing many improvements in sanitary apparatuses such as flexible siphon, radial junction, piece of radial conection, grease trap, self-ventilated siphons, between others
Set up a system of districtal automatic electric raising for sewerage system in Santos (São Paulo State), the first of this kind in the world (1914) 
His sanitation technical processes were adopted in France, England and United States 
Although he was author of inventions, he didn't patented any of them

Life Member, American society of Civil Engineers

Life Member, Societé des Ingenieurs Civils de France

Life Member, American Water Works Association