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Federico Benetti

Federico José Benetti Rossi, Argentine cardiosurgeon (Rosario, Santa Fe Province 29 November 1947 -

Pioneered and developed the off pump coronary surgery (1978)

Developed a technique for exclusion of the interventriucular septum (1986)

Invented MIDCAB operation (1994; patented in 1999), being regarded as one of the founders of minimally invasive cardiac surgery with the North-Americans Richard M. Ferrari & Charles S. Taylor

Developed most of the technology used today for off pump coronary surgery (1995)

Performed a mitral valve replacement using 3D minimally invasive for the first time in the world (1996)

Performed the aortic valve surgery through 2 or 3 intercostal spaces using 3D (1997)

Developed xiphoid approach for minimally invasive coronary artery bypass surgery and performed the first ambulatory coronary operation in the world (1997)

With A. Patel, R. Fernandez Vina, M. Fernandez Vina, L. Geffner & J. Saslavsky presented the first world case report of OPCABG plus simultaneous autologous stem cells implants (2003)

First to implant surgically embriofetal stem cells in patients with heart failure (2005)

With Judie Vivian and Michail Pankratof invented the Cyberheart concept (2005)

Developed most of the technology used worldwide for OPCAB, MIDCAB and MINI OPCAB surgeries

Patented Mini OPCAB (2004)


A simple, rapid and cheap method to harvest a big quantity of bone marrow, mononuclear cells and CD34+, CD38- cells to be used in myocardiogenesis and in miocardial and low-limb angiogenesis (2004)

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With J.L. Rizzardi, L. Pire & A. Polanco. Mitral valve replacement under video assistance through a minithoracotomy. Ann. Thoracic Surg. 63(4):1150-2, 1997

Direct coronary surgery with saphenous vein graft, without extracorporeal circulation or cardiac arrest. Technique and immediate and long-term results. Rev. Cardiol. 12:28, 1994

Alternative technique for the reconstruction of mitral valve direct myocardial revascularization without CEC in patients with acute myocardial transmural infarction (1990)

A new surgical technique for fibrosed interventricular septum. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 31(1):36-40, 1990

Project and building of a pulse doppler to assess cardiac valves. Rev. Fed. Arg. Cardiol. 11(1):53, 1982

Project, building and utilization of doppler machine of cardiac pulses. Rev. Fac. Med. Univ. Nac. Rosario 10(3):32, 1982

New system of bubble oxygenation. Rev. Arg. Angiol. 7(3):32, 1973


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With C.S. Taylor et al. Surgical instruments and procedures for stabilizing the beating heart during coronary artery bypass graft US8277476B2 (1996)

With R. Matheny & C. Taylor. Surgical devices for imposing a negative pressure to stabilize the cardiac tissue during surgery 5906607A (1996), EP0791329B1 (1997) & 20070149844 (2007)


Recognized as father of coronary surgery with the beating heart by Oxford University, UK (1996)

Award, College of Medicine, Yonsei University, South Korea (1999)

Award in recognition of your outstanding contribution to cardiac surgery, 18th Congress of World Society of Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons (2005)

Invented a mechanical stabilizer for immobilizing coronary arteries during surgery for which obtained the R& D award from Academy of Sciences & Arts from Chicago (1998)