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Esteban Boltovskoy

Esteban Boltovskoy, Argentine oceanographer and micropalaeontologist (Warsaw 26 January 1912 – Buenos Aires 04 September 1997)

From Russian ancestry
Authored over 160 papers and 5 books 
Provided first detailed hydrological schemes of surface circulation and water mixing processes in Southwestern Atlantic Ocean foraminifers indicators based in 1960s (later confirmed)

Proposed filter method for the treatment of plankton samples

Methods for sorting of foraminifera from plankton samples. Journal of Paleontology 40(5):1244-6, 1966

With S.B. Kotzian & F.L. Pedrozo. Some new techniques for the preparation and illustration of Polycystina (Radiolaria). Micropaleontology 29(4):382-90, 1983
Organized one of the largest Foraminifera collection in the world at Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales in Buenos Aires. It contains over 13500 slides and over 50000 identified specimens


Canepaia 1961  

Kalosha 1978

Orcadia 1982 (with Watanabe) Fossil

Described at least 35 new species and 12 subspecies of Foraminifera


Genus Boltovskoyella Malumián & Masiuk 1972 (Fossil Foraminifera)

Honorary Fellow, Deutsche Palaontologische Gesellschaft (1968)

International Prize for Excellence in Foraminiferal research, Cushman Foundation, Washington, USA (1988)