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Esteban Bajaja

Esteban Bajaja, Argentine radio astronomer (Santa Fe 07 October 1931 – 12 June 2015)

Observed HII regions in the Southern Hemisphere

With J. Pradas, J. Kerp, P.M.W. Kalberla, E.M. Arnal, R. Morras & W.G.L. Poppel. X-raying the galactic interstellar medium: first all-sky correlation of X-ray and HI data (2004)

With W.G.L. Poppel & R. Morras. High velocity clouds: a model to explain their spatial distribution (1987)

The short spacings problem in correlation interferometers and a procedure for solving it. Astrop. Space Science Library 76:59, 1979


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With M. Arnal, R. Morras & W. Poppel. High sensitivity HI survey of the Southern Hemisphere

With E. Aguero & S. Paolantonio. Spectroscopic observations of NGC 2442 with the CASLEO Telescope

With R. Morras, M. Arnal, W. Poppel & R. Wielebinski. HI survey on the Magellanic Clouds with the IAR Radiotelescope  


Minor planet 5386 Bajaja