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Ennio Cosimo Damião Barbato

Ennio Cosimo Damião Barbato, Brazilian cardiologist (São Paulo 23 June 1919 - São Paulo 22 March 1966)
Authored about 60 works
Worked in Instituto de Cardiologia (Mexico) and Michigan University (USA)
Attempted determining blood temperature in cardiac cavities, used in some European clinics.
First to study intracavitary electric potentials
Published with eminence Electrocardiographic Epicardic Mapping by direct electrodes in Circulation review. 
With Zarco Caramelli. Significado Clínico da Nomenclatura Eletrocardiográfica, 1962 (book).
A study on the ventricular excitation of the human heart. I-The spread of the stimulus in the normal heart. IV Congresso Interam. Cardiol. Buenos Aires, 1952.  
Pneumonia e Cor Pulmonale crônico esquistossomótico. Arqu. Bras. Cardiol. 3:195-305, 1953. 
With F. Pileggi, A.C. Debes, T. Fujioka, M.S. Magalhães, J. Tranchesi, E. san Juan & L.V. Décourt. Study of the sequence of ventricular activation and the QRS complex of the normal heart using direct epicardial leads. Am. Heart J. 55:867-80, 1958
With A.C. Debes, T. Fujioka, F. Pileggi, E.J. Zerbini & L.V. Décourt. Direct epicardial and thoracic leads. Their relationship in man. Am. Heart J. 58:238, 1959.    
With H. Haebisch, T. Fujioka, F. Pileggi& L.V.Décourt.Schistosomal cor pulmonale. Postgrad. Med. 32:246-52, 1962. 
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