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Eduardo Braun-Menendez

Eduardo Braun-Menendez, Chilean-born Argentine physiologist (Punta Arenas, Chile 16 January 1903 – Mar del Plata 16 January 1959)


Worldwide respected as an authority on hypertension

Discovered angiotensin and angiotensogen

With J.M. Muñoz, J.C. Fasciolo & L.F. Leloir. Hypertensin: the substance causing renal hypertension. Nature 144:980, 1939.  

With L.F. Leloir, J.C. Fasciolo and A. Taquini described enzymatic nature of renin-angiotensin system and its link to arterial hypertension



With J.M. Muñoz, A. Taquini, J.C. Fasciolo & L.F. Leloir. Metodo para la medición de la renina humana. Rev. Soc. Arg. Biol. 19:321-31, 1943

With Oscar Orías published Los Ruidos Cardíacos en condiciones normales y patologicas / Heart Sounds in Normal and Pathological Conditions  (1937) edited in English by Oxford University Press (1939), regarded as a classical text in the field. In this book they perfected a phonocardiogram via a process of optical amplification

With A.C. Paladini & O.A. Scornik. Further improvements on a method for the estimation of angiotensin in blood. Acta Physiol. Lat. Am. 10:64-7, 1960 

Papers in top journals

With J.C. Fasciolo, J.M. Muñoz & L.F. Leloir. On the specificity of renin. Science 92 (2398):554-5, 1940

With U.S. Euler. Hypertension after bilateral nephrectomy in the rat. Nature 160 (478):905, 1947

With B.A. Houssay, J.C. Fasciolo, L.F. Leloir, J.M. Muñoz & A.C. Taquini. Angiotonin or hypertensin. Science 98(2553):495, 1953

With I.H. Page. Suggested revision of nomenclature – angiotensin. Science 127(3292):242, 1958



Doctor Honoris Causa, University of California

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