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Donglu Bai

Donglu Bai, Chinese organic chemist (Dinghai County, Zhejiang Province 08 February 1936 –


With X. Xiao developed an efficient and selective method for hydrolysis of acetonides (2010)

With L. Zhou, Q. Yang, Y. Wang et al. designed novel isopropanolamine derivatives (2008)

With L. You, S. Feng, R. An & X. Wang developed a new method to synthesize β-amino amide (2008)

With Z. Liu, D. Li, S. Li et al. described a method for the synthesis of 5,6-disubstituted furo[2,3d]pyrimidine derivatives (2006)

With J. Li, J. Chen, Z. Li et al. reported a novel quinoxaline derivative as a potent human cyclophilin A inhibitor (2006)

With K. Xiao, L. Xuan, Y.Xu et al. discovered a dimeric stilbene glycosides with a novel four-membered ring (2002)

With X.C. He, B. Wang & G. Yu developed new chiral ferrocenylphosphine ligands (2001)

With L. Ou developed a new method for detrifluoroacetylation of esters with triethylamine pretreated silica gel (1999)

With Y. Hu developed a new and efficient method for obtaining α-bromoesters (1998)

With B. Wu obtained the first total synthesis of huperzine B (1997)

With G. Chu & Q. Zhou obtained the first total synthesis of sarmentosin (1993)

With Y. Bo & Q. Zhou developed an easy and efficient method for macrolactamization (1990)


With Y. Hu & J. Yan. Biaryl alcohol diamine compound, its pharmaceutical composition, preparation method and application (2010)

With X. Tang, X. He & Y. Fu. 16-site substituted double functional group huperzine B derivative, preparation method and use thereof (2006)

With C. Qi & X. He. Novel method for splitting and producing natural (-) huperzine and non-natural (+) huperzine by racemate of diastereoisomer salt (2006)

With X. He, D. Li, Z. Liu, S. Li & Y. Hu. Polysubstituted furanpyrimidine compounds and synthetic method thereof (2006)

With J. Shen, H. Jiang, X. Shen, J. Zuo et al. 3D structure model of SARS coronavirus 3CL protease and anti-SARS drugs. 7662860 (2005)

With W. Chen, Y. Bu, Y. Wang, Y. Dong & A. Kang. N-substituted benzyl or phenyl aromatic sulfamides compounds and the use thereof. 6605635 or WO 2001042204A1 (2002)