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Cassio Bottura

Cássio Bottura, Brazilian cytogeneticist and hematologist (Matão, São Paulo State 20 January 1920 – Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo State 26 January 1988)

Published nearly 60 works


Co-authored the first publication reporting a megaloblastic change that complicated the course of hemolytic anemia in sickle cell anemia, 8 years ahead of international literature

The first report about sickle cell anemia without gastric achylia

With M. Jamra & L.M. Ferreira. Anemia falciforme: considerações em torno de um caso (1944)


Introduced the use of glycose and insulin for the treatment of acute alcoholism 

With D. Pfuhl Neves & L. Marques de Assis. Tratamento do alcoolismo pela glicose e insulina. Rev. Paul. Med. 32:226-7, 1948


Developed a direct technique for analysis of human chromosomes from cells of bone marrow  

With I. Ferrari. A simplified method for the study of chromosomes in man. Nature 186:904-5, 1960


Described spontaneous chromosome endoreduplication in acute leukemia

With I. Ferrari. Endoreduplication in acute leukemia. Blood 21:207, 1963.

Observed chromosome abnormalities in patients treated with pyrimethamine, suggesting that such anomalies may also occur in megaloblastic anemia

With V. Coutinho. Pyrimethamine (Daraprim) induced chromosome abnormalities in man. Human Chrom. Newsl. 15:4, 1965.


Demonstrated the clonal nature of cell proliferation in Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia

The genetic nature of Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia. Prensa Med. Argentina 53:223-4, 1966 (in Spanish)


Demonstrated that the Philadelphia 1 chromosome in chronic myeloid leukemia originates from reciprocal translocation

With V. Coutinho. A possible explanation for the origin of the Philadelphia chromosome. Blur 22:273-6, 1971.


Developed original techniques for the investigation of the cytogenetics of neoplastic diseases of the blood

With I. Ferrari. Simplified technique for examination of chromosomes in the bone marrow of man. Can. Med. Assoc. J. 85(7):381, 1961

With V. Coutinho. Direct method for the study of human chromosomes. Rev. Paul. Med. 72(1):9-13, 1968

An alternative decomplementation method for the measurement of the survival of human erythrocytes transfused into rats. Experientia 37(4):437-8, 1981

With M. A Zago & F. Ferreira Costa.A modified quantitative solubility test I normal hemolysates and in hemoglobin variants. Rev. Paul. Med. 100(3):15-7, 1982

Papers in top journals (see above)

With F.F. Costa & M.A. Zago. Effects of piracetam and iodoacetamide in erythrocyte sickling. Lancet 2 (8155):1302, 1979

With L.M. de Assis & W. Bloise. Gonadal dysgenesis (Turner’s syndrome) with male phenotype and XO chromosomal constitution. The Lancet 2:1059-60, 1960

With L.M. de Assis & D.R. Epps. Chromosomal constitution and nuclear sex of a true hermaphrodite. Lancet 2 (7142):129-30, 1960



Most of this text was extracted from Rev. Bras. Genet. (Brazil. J. Genetics) 11(2):493-4, 1988.