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Carlos Guido Bollini

Carlos Guido Bollini, Argentine physicist (Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires Province 15 January 1926 – Buenos Aires  12 October 2009)
Authored over 100 papers

Invented analytical regularization method

With J.J. Giambiagi & A. Gonzalez Dominguez. Analytic regularization and the divergence of quantum fields theories. Nuovo Cimento 31:550-61, 1964 

Invented dimensional regularization method

With J.J. Giambiagi. Dimensional Regularization. J. Nuovo Cimento 12 B:20, 1972
Eponym of Bollini-Giambiagi potential 


With J.J. Giambiagi. A differential equation for the self-energy in momentum space. Phys. Lett. 10(2):219-21, 1964

With F.F. Grinstein. A summation procedure for expansions in orthogonal polynomials. Rev. Bras. Física (1977)

With J.J. Giambiagi. Relations between effective potentials in different dimensions. Phys. Lett. B 134(6):436-8, 1984

With J.J. Giambiagi. Lagrangian procedures for higher order field equations (1986)

With J.J. Giambiagi & O. Obregon. Criteria to fix the dimensionality  corresponding to some higher derivative Lagrangians. Modern Phys. Lett. A 7(7):593-9, 1992

With D.G. Barci, L.E. Oxman & M.C. Rocca defined non local pseudo-differential operators acting on a space of analytic functionals and showed how to solve homogeneous and inhomogeneous equations associated with these operators (1998)

With L.E. Oxman & M.C.Rocca. Equivalence theorem for higher order equations. Int. J. Theoret. Physics 37(11):2857-75, 1998

With T. Escobar & M.C. Rocca gave a general definition of convolution between two arbitrary tempered ultra distributions (1999)

With M. Giambiagi, M.S. de Giambiagi & A.P. de Figueiredo. Graphical linking of MO multicenter bond index and VB structures. II-5-c rings and 6-c heterocyclic rings. Struct. Chem. 12(2):113-20, 2001

With M.C. Rocca. Superstring and superstring field theory: a new solution using ultra distributions of exponential type. Int, J. Theor. Physics 48(4):1053-69, 2009

With M. Giambiagi, Segre de Giambiagi & J.J. Giambiagi. On a SC method for determining bond orders in alternant hydrocarbons.  



Physics Nobel Prize nominee