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Carlos Beyer

Carlos José Beyer Flores, Mexican reproduction biologist and neuroendocrinologist (Ciudad de Mexico 25 February 1934 – Tlaxcala 22 October 2013)

Recognized as one of the world’s most influential researchers in the field of reproductive biology (held over 7,000 citations)

With B. Komisaruk & B. Whipple authored The Science of Orgasm with worldwide repercussion (2006)

With C. Sayer pioneer in use of electrical recording techniques for studying the hormones acting on brain (1961-3)

With F. Mena described the neural mechanisms involved in the regulation of prolactin secretion and lactation (1962-5)

Demonstred that administration of GABA and lysine antagonists in spinal cord induced an exaggerated painful response to normally innocuous tactile stimuli in vagino-cervical stimulation (allodynia)

With D.B. Masters, F. Jordan, J. Steinman & B. Komisaruk. Vaginocervical stimulation-produced analgesia and correlated spinal cord amino acid release are disrupted by neonatal capsaicin treatment (1989)

Papers in Nature

With P. McDonald, F. Newton, B. Brien, R. Barker, H.S. Tan, C. Sampson et al. Failure of 5α-dihydrotestosterone to initiate sexual behaviour in the castrated male rat. Nature 227(5261):964-5, 1970

With B.R. Komisaruk & B. Whipple. The pleasure principle. Nature 445:22, 2007