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Augusto Chaves Batista

Augusto Chaves Batista, Brazilian mycologist, lichenologist and phytopathologist (Santo Amaro da Purificação, Bahia State 15 June 1916 – Recife 30 November 1967)
Considered in both Brazil and abroad as outstanding name of mycology in 20th century. Despite this fact he is in great esteem unknown in his own country

Authored 5 books and 700 papers

Described at least 2 families (Astronateliaceae & Polyetronaceae), 170  valid genera of Fungi, 26 valid genera of Lichenes and 410  other taxa of Fungi and Lichen. A important part of these species related to plant and human diseases

Described at least 750 new fungal species


With Heraldo da Silva Maia described a new fungal disease of ornamental fishes (1959)


Described new plant pathogens

Described Phyllachora torrendiella as etiologic agent of lixa pequena (small verrucosis) in 1948

With J.N. da Silva described a new rose disease caused by a new species Stagonospora rosarum (1950)

Diplodia recifensis that causes mal de Recife (mango tree disease) in association with the insect Xyleborus affinis. 

With T. Gayão described Teichosporella oryzae that causes a rice disease (1950)

Didymella mangiferae and Ascochyta mangiferae that cause basal necrosis of leaves of mango trees (1952) 

Phomatospora anacardiicola 1957 and Diploidium anacardiacearum (with Cavalcante) that cause diseases in cashew nut tree 

With Bezerra et al. Pilgeriella anacardii 1964 that cause black mold of cashew nut

With J.L. Bezerra, G.E. P. Peres & H. da Silva Maia Entyloma vignae etiologic agent of leaf smut 


Described new human pathogens

With J.S. Silveira & S.T.C. Campos Endomycopsis epidermalis 1959 

With F. Monnier & J.S. Silveira Byrrha portiovaginalis 1961

With J.A. de Lima, F.P. Pessoa & S.K. Shome. Adiaspiromicose humana: doença pulmonar causada por Emmonsia brasiliensis. Publ. 331 IMUR (1961) 


HONORS (Fungi Genera)

Batistamnus Bezerra & Cavalcanti 1967

Batistia  Ciferri 1958

Batistina Peres 1961  

Batistinula Von Arx 1960

Batistopsora Dianese, Medeiros & Santos 1993

Batistospora Bezerra & Herrera 1964

Number 17, Hall of Ouststanding Mycologists, Netherlands (1958)

Honor Medal, Universitá di Pavia (1956)