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Arturo Erhardo Burkart

Arturo Erhardo Burkart, Argentine botanist (Buenos Aires 25 September 1906 – San Isidro, Buenos Aires Province 25 April 1975)

Son of German immigrants  
Authored over 170 works (papers and books) about botany, plant genetics and agriculture 
Considered as the foremost world authority on legume taxonomy

Named the term catenated fruits

Estudios sobre las leguminosas-hedisareas de la Republica Argentina y regiones adyacentes. Darwiniana 3:117-302, 1939 



Lophocarpinia 1957 (Fabaceae)

Mimozyganthus 1939 (Mimosaceae)

Piptadeniopsis 1944 (Mimosaceae)

Prosopidastrum 1964 (Mimosaceae)

Yucaratonia 1969 (Fabaceae)

Skujaephyconema 1959 (Cynanophyceae)


About 113 new Fabaceae species

A number of intraspecific taxa


Houssay Prize, OAS (1974)

Genus Burkartia Crisci 1976 (Asteraceae)