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Archimede Busacca

Archimede Busacca, Italian-born Brazilian ophthalmologist (Basico, Messina 27 January 1893 – São Paulo 25 March 1971)

Authored 155 papers and 4 books

Recognized as one of the world’s leading ocular pathologists

Became world-famous for his contributions to biomicroscopy of the living eye

Systematized the study of fundus biomicroscopy and its illuminating modes

With H. Goldmann & S. Schiff-Werthemer. Biomicroscopie du corps vitré et du fond de l’oeil (1957)

Performed magistral works on trachoma and the pannus

First to describe the presence of microbes on trachoma and developed a method for obtaining biopsies of trachomatous cornea in Rev. Biol. Hyg. 86 (1934)

On a form of choriorinite with detachment of the retina. Arch. Ophthalmol. Rev. Gen. Ophthalmol. 9 (5):549-83, 1949

First to demonstrate the independence of basal membrane from Bowman’s membrane in Bull. Soc. Franç. Ophtalm. 62:133, 1949

First to describe the ascending phenomenon of layers in uveitis

Un nouveau phénoméne observé dans le corps vitré antérieur au cours des uvéites. Ophthalmologica 126:355-60, 1953

Demonstrated anatomopathologically the vascular keratitis

La keratite trachomateuse avasculaire. Klin. Mbl. Augenhk. 94:202-35, 1935

First to perform light microscopy on an eye with pseudoexfoliation of the anterior lens capsule

Other relevant works

Algumas observações originaes sobre o modo de se comportar da córnea transparente e do humor aquoso nos processos de iridocyclite. Estudos com a lâmpada de fenda de Gullstrand (1922)


The pathology of Herbert pits

On the structure of Herbert’s pits. Brit. J. Ophthalmol. 19;26-31, 1935

Tonofibrils in lens epithelium (1927)

Three groups of lymphatic channels at the limbus

Chlamydia trachomatis

Un germe aux caracteres de rickettsies (Rickettsia trachomae) dans le tissue trachomateux. Arch. Ophthalm. 52:567-72, 1935


Un dispositif simple et pratique pour la goniotomie. Ophthalmologica 158;292-5, 1969

Method for selective staining of Rickettsia. Their etiological value (1953)

How to transport material for graft for long distances. Ann. D’ocul. 183(9):791-3, 1950

A simple method of treating dacryocystitis in the newborn. Arch. Ophthalm. 24:1256, 1940

A method for the correction of entropion in trachomatous patients: with particular attention to the esthetic results. Arch. Ophthalm. 16 (5), 1936

Um methodo rápido e simples para coloração dos corpúsculos rickettsioides do trachoma pelo Victoriablau (1935)


Trachomatous pustulae

Goniosynechia (1945)

Lunula for conjunctive that compose the limbic area


Busacca pseudo-exfoliation deposits (1928)

Goldmann-Busacca polar lens

Busacca marginal line of fovea (1948)

Busacca trabecular conjunctival layer

Busacca nodule or floccule (nodule that appears on the iris in the anterior mesodermal layers) 1971

Pannus sclerosé de Busacca (=pannus involutif sclerosé)