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Anil Kumar Bhattacharya

Anil Kumar Bhattacharya, Indian statistician (01 April 1915 – 17 July 1996)

Proposed a measure of similarity between two multinomial distributions (Bhattacharya coefficient)

Defined a cosine metric for distance between distributions or measured the divergence between two probability distributions (Bhattacharya distance)

On a measure of divergence between two statistical populations defined by their probability distributions. Bull. Cal. Math. Soc. 35:99-109, 1943

Established lower bounds to the variance of an unbiased estimator

Introduced the concept of affinity between two laws of probability


Bhattacharya affinity

Bhattacharya bounds (1946)

Bhattacharya centroid

Bhattacharya clustering

Bhattacharya matrix

Cramer-Rao-Bhattacharya inequalities