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Andrew Geddes Bain

Andrew Geddes Bain, Scottish-borm South African geologist, paleontologist and road engineer (Thurso, Caithness, Scotland May 1797 – Cape Town 20 October 1864)

Discovered and collected a large amount of fossil mammal-like reptiles (synapsids) that proved later to be new species such as the first dicynodon

Obtained the first substantial collection of invertebrate remains from the Bokkeveld Group

Discovered and/or described the fossil plant species Archaeosigillaria caespitosa, Haplostigma irregularis & Schizoneura africana


On the geology of southern Africa. Trans. Geol. Soc. London 7:175-232, 1845-56

Account of the geology of Namaqualand (1854)

Geology of South Africa: reminiscences and anecdotes connected with the history of geology in South Africa. Eastern Prov. Mont. Mag. 1:7-20, 1857

Geology of South Africa. Eastern Prov. Mont. Mag. 1:396-407, 1857


Bainella Rennie 1930 (Trilobita)

His son, Thomas Charles John Bain, South African road engineer, naturalist and archaeologist (Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape Province 29 September 1830 – Cape Town 29 September 1893)

From maternal side was from Dutch and German ancestry

Most known in his country as road engineer

Authored scientific works

Collected stone tools and other archaeological artifacts

Gained some fame as fossil reptile hunter (honored in Bradysaurus bainii Seeley)

Discovered 4 new species of the plant genus Stapelia (about 1875)

Devised a technique for tracing and colouring rock paintings