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Alfonso Bovero

Alfonso Bovero, Italian/Brazilian anatomist (Pecetto Torinese, Piemonte 26 November 1871 - Torino 09 April 1937)

Authored an unpublished case in medical literature

Persistenza della vescicola ombelicale e della circolazione onfalo-mesenterica nel feto uma a termine. Internat. Monatschr. F. Anat. U. Phys. 12:191, 1895.

Studied Bovero’s muscle (cutaneo mucous muscle)

Richerche morfologiche sul musculus cutaneo-mucosus labii. Memorie della R. Acad. Delle Scienzi di Torino. Tomo LII, 1902.  

Described interdigastric muscle in his doctoral thesis
Concluded that lingual mucosa display individual traits

Described a median sagital salience in tongue that named torus lingualis longitudinalis (with Locchi)

With R. Locchi. Torus longitudinalis et sulci longitudinales dans La langue humaine. Rev. Biol. Hyg. 3(1):30-32, 1932.  

Described a pre-hypophysary endocranial ossification in Bradypus  known as Bovero’s ossicle.

Uma especial e constante ossificação endodural prehypophysaria no gênero Bradypus. Annaes Fac. Med. São Paulo 1, 1926.  

Described a variety of os sacrum

Anotações anatomicas. 2. Uma variedade do osso sacro. 3. Ossificação parcial do ligamento sacrotuberoso. Rev. Med. S. Paulo 16-17:3-12, 1920

First to draw attention to thin innervation of thymus 


Concluded that sebaceous glands are related to hair follicle

Showed the development of uterine glands before birth

Established the mechanism of formation and rising time of body glands and uterine cervix in human being (1909)

First to describe the infraepithelial glands of cervical mucosa in evolved and newborn fetuses 

Described new details of osteo palate  

Described a post-squamous perforating duct until then not seen in humans

With Sperino showed the basilar metopic suture as a normal fact

Described the role that play the pterygoid in constitution of palatine vault in Brazilian mammals

Showed a cartilaginous plaque on the thickness of the conjunctiva’s semilunar fold as a feature of Black people

Performed interesting contributions to human and comparative osteology 


The bibliography of Bovero and his disciples is available in Arquivo de Anatomia e Antropologia 18:519-37, 1937.

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