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Achille Bassi

Achille Bassi, Italian-born Brazilian geometer (Mondovi, Cuneo, Piemonte 09 August 1907 - São Carlos, São Paulo State 29 November 1973)

Gained international recognition for his studies about Betti numbers

Proposed a theorem about the Betti numbers of closed, connected and orientable manifolds

Sopra l’esistenza di una varietá topologica con numeri di Betti essegnati. Acad. Bras. Ciencias (1949)

Proposed the theory of topological groups (since 1947) developed by his pupil Gilberto F. Loibel in his doctoral thesis of 1959

Developed the theory of general duality

A dualidade nas algebras de Boole topológicas e suas consequências. Thesis (1961)

Developed the theory of topological polynomials (1963)

Demonstrated a theorem about topological operators in which one can determine all topological operators capable of introducing a topology into a Boole algebra (1964)
Sui polinomi in un algebra del Boole con topologia. Rev. Rendiconti Accad. Naz dei Lincei (1967)
Polinomi i dualitá in un’algebra del Boole con topologia. Rend. Matem. Appl. 25(1-2):94-112, 1967
Proposed a concept of semi-duality or conditioned duality  

Authored important studies about non-associative topological groups


On some new invariants of a manifold (1936)

Su alcuni nuovi invarianti delle varietá topologiche. Ann. Matem. Pura et Appli. (1937)