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Zhisheng An

Zhisheng An, Chinese paleoclimatologist and stratigrapher (Zhijiang County, Hunan Province 25 September 1941 –

His research on paleoclimate intercomparison between the Southern and Northerh Hemisphere was internationally recognized

Explored the connection between the climate change in high-low latitude regions and Northern-Southern hemispheres

Presented law for the instability and sudden events of winter monsoon climate in last glacial period and interglacial period

Proposed a dynamical model for the evolution history of Asian monsoon-arid environment in China and its relationship with the arounds of Tibetan plateau

Suggested that the natural laws of vegetation distribution should be followed in the bio-environment remediation

Demonstrated that loess-paleosol sequences provide sufficient resolution to study monsoon variability (1980s)

Proposed the paleomonsoon control theory (1990s)

With S.C. Porter reported the discovery of Heinrich events recorded in the Chinese loess and correlated these events with the North Atlantic regions (1995)