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Tulio Arends

Tulio Ramón Arends Wever, Venezuelan hematologist (Coro, Falcón State 11 November 1918 – Caracas 15 May 1990)

Authored over 200 scientific papers

Discovered Diego blood factor, the first practically confined to people of Mongoloid origin

With M. Layrisse & R. Domíguez Sisco. Nuevo grupo sanguíneo encontrado en descendientes de indios. Acta Med. Venez. 3:132, 1955

With M. Layrisse, M.L. Gallango, J. Wilbert & H.D. Heinen. Albumin Warao: new type of human alloalbuminemia. Blood 33(3):414-20, 1969

With M.L. Gallango, W.C. Parker & A.G. Bearn. A new variant of human transferrin in a Venezuelan family. Nature 196:477-8, 1962