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Sami Arap

Sami Arap, Brazilian urologist (14 July 1934 – São Paulo 15 March 2018)

From Turkish descent

Correlated dermatomyositis in childhood to ureteral necrosis

With M. Borrelli, M.J. Prado, P. Cordeiro & E.R. Wroclawski. Ureteral necrosis in dermatomyositis. J. Urol (1998)

With E. David Neto, D.S. Ribeiro, L.E. Ianhez, S. Palomino, L.B. Saldanha & E. Sabbaga. Acute interstitial nephritis of plasma cells: a new cause of renal allograft loss. Transpl. Proceed. 25(1)Pt2:897-9, 1993

Described the first case of complete triplication of the ureter associated with an ectopic ureterocele

With R.N. Lopes, A.I. Mitre & G.M. Góes. Complete triplication of the ureter associated with an ectopic ureterocele. J. Urol (1982)


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With P.H. Egydio & A.M. Lucon. A single relaxing incision to correct different types of penile curvature: surgical technique based on geometrical principles. Braz. J. Urol. 94(7):1147-57, 2004

With P.H. Egydio & A.M. Lucon. Treatment of Peyronie’s disease by incomplete circumferential incision of the tunica albuginea and plaque with bovine pericardium graft. Urology 59(4):570-4, 2002

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With A.I. Mitre & G.M. Goes. Modified meatal advancement and granulopasty repair of distal hypospadias. J. Urol. 131(6):1140-1, 1984 (Arap hypospadias repair)

With A.M. Giron & A.M. Goes. Initial results of the complete reconstruction of bladder extrophy. Urol. Clin. North Am. 7(2):477-91, 1980


Diploma of Merit, American Urological Association (2001)

Foreign Assistant, Faculté de Medecine de Paris

Medalla Francisco Díaz, Sociedad Española de Urologia (1995)


Sami Arap retractor

Arap procedure for incontinent epispadias