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Salvador Armendares

Salvador Armendares Sagrera, Spanish-born Mexican human geneticist and genetical anthropologist (Villafranca del Penedés, Barcelona 07 July 1925 – Ciudad de Mexico 28 January 2010)
Authored over 130 papers and 29 books

Described new genetic and chromosomal syndromes such as partial trisomy of short arms of 2, 10 & 12 chromosomes

With J.M. Cantu Garza & L. Buentello. Cp trisomy: a new syndrome. Ann. Genet. 14(3):177-86, 1971

With F. Salamanca, S. Nava, S. Ramírez & J.M. Cantu. The 12 p trisomy syndrome. Ann. Genet. 18(2):89-94, 1975

With F. Salamanca. Characterization of the new syndromes of genetic origin. Gac. Med. Mex. 113(7):321-34, 1977 

Described Armendares syndrome

With F. Antillon, V. del Castillo & M. Jimenez. A newly recognized inherited syndrome of dwarfism, craniosynostosis, retinitis pigmentosa and multiple congenital malformation. J. Pediatrics 85:872-3, 1974