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Rango Krishna Asundi

Rango Krishna Asundi, Indian molecular spectroscopist (Dharwar District, Karnataka State 14 August 1895 – Bombay 02 February 1982)

Discovered an electronic band system in molecular spectrum of carbon monoxide (Johnson-Asundi-Herzberg bands)

A new band system of carbon monoxide (31S21P), with remarks on the Angstrom band system.Proceed. Roy. Soc. A 123(792), 1929

A new band system of carbon monoxide. Nature 123:47-8, 1929

Discovered a second band system known as Asundi bands

New bands in the triplet carbon system. Proceed. Ind. Acad. Sciences Sect A 491(12), 1940

Discovered the diffuse emission bands of halogens

Showed that high pressure carbon bands had the same final level as the Swan system of C2

With R.C. Johnson.The structure of the high pressure carbon bands and the Swan system. Proceed. Roy. Soc. A 123(792), 1929

Discovered several Fermi resonances in emission spectrum of benzene

With M.E. Padhye. Fermi resonance in benzene. Nature 163:638, 1949

Made discoveries and interpretations of new electronic band systems in CO, CO+, I2, Br2 & Cl2

Identified the fluorescence spectrum of neutron irradiated monocesium uranyl nitrate as that of dicesium uranyl nitrate

With R.M. Dixit. Fluorescence spectrum of di-caesium uranyl nitrate. Nature 200:668, 1963

Papers in Nature

With P. Ramakoteswara Rao & J.K. Brody. Rotational analysis of 65Cu 35Cl bands. Nature 192:444-5, 1961

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With R.S. Singh. Absorption spectrum of benzoquinone. Nature 176:1223-4, 1955

With N. Appalanarasimhan. Effect of irradiation on the intensity distribution of the second positive nitrogen bands excited in a nitrogen ozonizer. Nature 171:86-7, 1953

With P. Venkateswarlu. Emission bands of the fluctuation type in the spectrum of iodine. Nature 156:452, 1945

With M.R. Padhye. Near ultra-violet emission bands of benzene. Nature 156:368, 1945

With N.L.Singh. Selective excitation of spectra by the high-frequency discharge. Nature 150:123, 1942

With N.L. Singh & J.D. Singh. A reversible discharge tube. Nature 149:22, 1942

With B.K. Vaidya. Flame and arc spectra of some calcium and strontium salts. Nature 145:224, 1940

With R. Samuel. Dissociation of N2+ Nature 139:375, 1937

With M. Jan-Khan & R. Samuel. Spectra of SeO and SeO2. Nature 136:642-3, 1935

The emission bands of sulphur. Nature 127:93-4, 1931

With J.W. Ryde. Vibrational quantum analysis of red cyanogen bands. Nature 124:57, 1929