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Pedro Baptista de Andrade

Pedro Baptista de Andrade, Brazilian chemist and pharmacist (Barbacena, Minas Gerais State 08 October 1848 - São Paulo 06 October 1937)
Pioneer in industrial exploitation of a number of products from Brazilian flora
Obtained more than 50 products and subproducts from coffee plant
Isolated mannitol from coffee plant 

Isolated many products from peppertree

Created 12 recipes for wines, liqueurs and other industrial products from orange 

Obtained alkaloids from a number of species of Brazilian flora

Discovered alkaloid cayaponin from Cayaponia cabocla that gave him fame in international scientific circles (1885)

Improved the recipe of guaraná soda from Pereira Barretto marketed under the name Guarana Antarctica or Brazilian Soda (1921)

Held about 25 patents