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Paulo Abib Andery

Paulo Abib Andery, Brazilian mining engineer and metallurgist (Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais State 26 September 1922 – São Paulo 24 October 1976)

From Lebanese parents

World pioneer on mining systems in automation

Verified the possibility of milling secondary crusher material in only one stage and yielding an minimum of sludge


Serrana process of separation and concentration of phosphates in minerals with low phosphate content or alkaline rocks employing flotation (1961-73)

A process for exploitation of chalky stocks

A process for concentration of oxidized lead ore and adapted it for residual ores from carbonatite

Movable plants established on skids that follow the displacement of exploration fronts by hydraulic disassembly of alluvions


Flotation of phosphate containing materials. Int. Cl. 209-167 & US3,4303,783 (1968)

With Serrana S.A. de Mineração. Processo de concentração de fosfatos minerais a partir de minérios de fosfatos minerais a partir de minérios de fosfato de ganga carbonática. BRPI77910 (1968)


Tratamento de minério e hidrometalurgia (1980)

With F.A. Siriani. Características gerais de desgaste de mandíbulas em britadores (1972)

Concentração de apatita do carbonato de Jacupiranga, estado de São Paulo. Thesis, Escola Politécnica Univ. São Paulo (1967)

Concentração de minério oxidado de chumbo, mina de Boquira, Município de Macaúbas, Estado da Bahia. Thesis, Escola Politecnica Univ. São Paulo  (1961)

Características Tecnológicas de Minérios e Matérias Primas Minerais


Diploma, International Congress of Mineral Treatment, Cagliari, Italy (1974)

Pauloabibite Menezes Filho, Atencio, Andrade et al. 2013 (Mineral)

Part of this information was obtained from Francisco Alves book Paulo Abib: um engenheiro que acreditava no Brasil (2012)