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Oscar Amoedo

Oscar Luis Amoedo y Valdez, Cuban dentist radicated in France (Matanzas 10 November 1863 – Paris 27 September 1945)
Authored over 120 papers
Regarded as founder of the forensic stomatology 

Authored first treatise on human identification using dental archs

The role of the dentists in the identification of the victims of the catastrophe of the “bazar de la charité”, Paris, 4th of May, 1897. The Dental Cosmos 39:905-12, 1897

First to describe a paradental epithelial rest constant in human

Developpement des dents permanents; ebauche d’une troisieme dentition chez l’homme (1887)


Imagined a method for treating dead teeth

Tratamiento de los dientes muertes y relleno immediato de sus raíces. Presented in First International Dental Congress, Paris (1892)

Developed a technique for implantation of decalcified teeth

Implantation des dents decalcifiées (1894)
His thesis L’Art Dentaire em Médecine Légale had international repercussion and translated into many languages (1898)

Nuevo manual operatorio para la queiloplastia del lábio (1889)


DEVELOPED (23 dental instruments) such as

A needle used joint to galvano-cautery

A thermocautery

A syringe for sterilizing devitalized teeth (1894)

An adjustable anatomical articulator  

A simplified articulator 

Amoedo articulated silver plate

A forceps

Root canal instruments

Stereoscopic binocular odontoscope

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