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Neusa Amato

Neusa Margem Amato, Brazilian physicist (Campos, Rio de Janeiro State 29 August 1926 – Rio de Janeiro 03 May 2015)

Daughter of Lebanese immigrants

Obtained world renown on nuclear emulsions

Authored 116 works

Showed using nuclear emulsions pion decay in muon

With E. Frota-Pessoa. Sobre a desintegração do méson pesado positivo. Anais Acad. Bras. Ciencias 22:371-83, 1950

With E. Frota Pessoa & M. B. Aragão. A new radioactive method for marking mosquitoes and its application. Proc. Geneve Conference on Peaceful Applications of Atomic Energy. page 40, 1955

With C. Lattes, W.A. Rodrigues Jr., F.M. O. Castro, J.B. Filho, J.L. Cardoso, J.A. Chinellato, Y. Fujimoto & N. Arata. New type of nuclear interaction in the Σ Eγ ≥1014 eV Region. AIP Conf. Proc. 49, 1978

With H.M. Portella, F.M. O. Castro & R.C.H. Maldonado. An alternative method to solve the hadronic cosmic-ray diffusion equations: the muon and neutrino fluxes. J. Phys. A Math.Gen. 27:539-45, 1994  

With A. Marques, C. Lattes and others discovered

Andromeda interaction 

Centauro phenomenon

A scaling law

Increased pion multiplicity with the energy 

Increased mean transversal momentum with multiplicity