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Miguel Osorio de Almeida

Miguel Osorio (Ozorio) de Almeida, Brazilian physiologist and biomathematician (Rio de Janeiro 01 August 1890 – Rio de Janeiro 02 December 1953)

Brother of physiologist Alvaro Osorio de Almeida 

Authored about 250 works


Proposed a modified least squares method

Formulated mathematical and physical-chemical theories of electric excitation (1944)

Formulated mathematical theory of cineradiotherapy (1937)

Demonstrated the existence of transversal excitation of nerves 

Demonstrated the existence of secondary tetanus and a new index of muscle fatigue

Discovered nicotinic apnea  (1919)

Established relations about chemical regulation of breathing and dead space variations (1921)

Established principles for determination of breathing centers excitability 

Established the existence of a latent stage in synkinesias

Demonstrated new respiratory reflexes

Demonstrated the distraction of arterial and venous waves in single ventricle of toad heart

Showed the richness of carbon dioxide of the air in the marsupium of Marsupialia

Demonstrated the existence of a nervous tonus not only for maintenance of general activity of nervous system but beyond for activity of each respiratory center

Demonstrated the contribution of cutaneous actions in the maintenance of muscle reflex tonus

Introduced the concept of excitation state in electrophysiology 

Showed the variations of maximal contraction height in function of excitant current

With M. Vianna Dias discovered cryoepilepsy, a phenomenon characterized by convulsive muscle seizures due to brain medulla cooling (1934)

Performed important studies on chronaxy and suggested a new mathematical theory for it (1925)  

With Pieron described rabbit spinal contracture (1924)


Methods for determination of components of alveolar air in human and animals

Original technique for studying in isolation rotatory excitation effects of each semicircular ducts

A general method for obtaining chronic dilation of dogs esophagi

Sobre os princípios para um novo methodo de determinação da tensão de CO2 no ar alveolar. Bras. Med. 30:203-4, 1915

With O.B. Couto e Silva. Techniques pour l’etude des excitations rythmées des pneumogastriques. C.R. Soc. Biol. Paris 94:513-5, 1926

With A. Rocha e Silva. Methode pour la determination de la composition de l’air alveólaire chez le chien. C.R. Soc. Biol. Paris 99:1658-60, 1928

Principes pour une méthode de mesure de la fatigue dans le travail. C.R. Soc. Biol. Paris 109:1164-6, 1931

With H. Moussatché & M. Vianna Dias. Sur le refroidissement brusque de la moelle épiniere par l’action du chlorure d’ethyle et son utilization comme technique de l’etude de l’attaque epileptiforme (1938)

With M. Vianna Dias & H. Moussatché. Sobre o método de estudo dos reflexos labirínticos da rã. Bras. Med. 53:643-6, 1939
With H. Moussatché & M. Vianna Dias. Recherches sur l’attaque epileptiforme produite par le refroidissement brusque de la moelle épiniere. Premier mémoire. Introduction et technique. Rev. Bras. Biol. 1:165-77, 1941


Doctor Honoris Causa, Université de Paris, Université de Lyon, Université de Argel  

Honorary Professor, Faculté des Sciences de Paris

Member, Composition Bureau of Tables Annuelles Internationales de Constantes et Données Numeriques  

Genus Osoriella Mello Leitão 1922 (Arachnida)

Sicard Prize (1915)


Famous French scientists like Gley, Lapicque, Pieron, Laugier, Hadamard, Langevin, Marie and Irine Curie beyond Albert Einstein visited his laboratory

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A complete bio-bibliography is available in Revista Bras. Biol. 14(1):1-24, 1954