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Mangalathayil Ali Abdu

Mangalathayil Ali Abdu, Indian-born Brazilian geophysicist (Kerala State 07 July 1938 -

Authored 291 papers and one book (about 5,200 citations; h=39)

Significant discoveries pertaining to equatorial electrodynamics, the global coupling processes in the ionosphere-thermosphere-magnetosphere systems

Authored the most cited papers 2005-10 by Elsevier in Atmospheric, Planetary and Petroleum Sciences, Oxford, United Kingdom

Planetary wave signatures in the equatorial atmosphere-ionosphere system, and mesosphere-E and F-region coupling. J. Atmos. Solar Terrestr. Physics

South Atlantic magnetic anomaly ionization: a review and a new focus on electrodynamics effects in the equatorial ionosphere 

First to investigate equatorial ionospheric responses during magnetic storms of moderate intensity

With I.S. Batista, F. Bertoni, B.W. Reinisch, E.A. Kherani & J.H.A.Sobral Equatorial ionosphere responses to two magnetic storms of moderate intensity from conjugate point observation in Brazil. J. Geophys. Research 117(A5), 2012 

First measurement of plasma bubble characteristics using a high-frequency capacitance probe

With P.A. Muralikrishna, I.S. Batista & J.H.A. Sobral. Rocket observation of equatorial plasma bubbles over Natal, Brazil, using a high-frequency capacitance probe. J. Geophys. Res. 96 (A5):7689-95, 1991

With I.S. Batista, J.H.A. Sobral, E.R. Depaula & I.J. Kantor performed the first observation of westward plasma bubble motions (1984)

With José Humberto Sobral and independently of other researchers worldwide discovered the bubble phenomenon in ionospheric plasma (1976)


Best world referee in Spatial Sciences, American Geophysical Union (2006)