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Luiz Felipe Freire de Aguiar

Luiz Felipe Freire de Aguiar, Brazilian pharmacist (Rio de Janeiro 23 August 1852 – Barbacena, Minas Gerais State 13 July 1913)
Created a modified English water (1888) and creolin Freire de Aguiar


With E. Duceux paper production employing bamboo (1890)

With Emile Duceux. A new application of bromeliads fibers to spinning and weaving  (1890)

With J. Geraud & C.N. Magalhães mica or malacacheta as electrical insulating (1891)

With J.C.P. Cotrim phosphated milky paste (1895)

Production of a derivative from distillation of coal (1901)

Flushing cistern with latrine sanitizer (1902)

Sanitizer with flushing cistern (1902)

Urinal disinfectant (1902)

Disinfectant for cart and disposer (1903)

With A.C. Brown Stopper for foods and liquids sterilization (1904)

An improved and economic process for salt refinement

A new process of manufacturing extracts of hull