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Laurent Ake Assi

 Laurent Aké-Assi, Ivorian botanist, ethnobotanist and phytochemist (Agboville 10 August 1931 – Abidjan 14 January 2014)

Authored 134 works

SOME PHYTOCHEMISTRY (new chemical species)

With S. Fayez, T. Bruhn, D. Feineis, S.Awale & G. Bringmann. Ancistrosecoline A-F, unprecedented seco-naphthyisoquinoline alkaloids from the roots of Ancistrocladus abbreviatus, with apopotosis-inducing potential against HeLa cancer cells. J. Natur. Products 83(4):1139-51, 2020

With S. Fayez, J. Li, D. Feineis, M. Kaiser, R. Brun, M.A. Anany, H. Wajant & G. Bringmann. A near-complete series of four atropisomeric jozimine A2 type naphthylisoquinoline dimers with antiplasmodial and cytotoxic activities and related alkaloids from Ancistrocladus abbreviatus. J. Natur. Products 82(11):3033-46, 2010

With G. Bringmann, K. Messer, B. Schwobel & R. Brun. Habropetaline A, an antimalarial naphthylisoquinoline alkaloid from Triphyophyllum peltatum. Phytochemistry 62(3):345-9, 2003

With G. Bringmann, C. Schneider, U. Mohler, R.M. Pfeifer, R. Gotz, E.M. Peters & K. Peters. Two atropisomeric N-methyldioncophyllines A and N-methylphylline, their naphthalene-free heterocyclic moiety from Ancistrocladus barteri. Zeitschr. f. Naturforsch B 58(6):577-84, 2003

With G. Bringmann, W. Saeb, R. God, M. Schaffer, G. François, K. Peters, E.M. Peters & K. Hostettmann. 5’-O-dimethyldioncophylline A, a new antimalarial alkaloid from Triphyophyllum peltatum. Phytochemistry 49(6):1667-73, 1998

With G. Bringmann, J. Holenz, C.X. Zhao & K. Hostettmann. Molluscicidal activity of naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids from Triphyophyllum and Anastrocladus species. Planta Medica 62(6):556-7, 1996

With G. Bringmann, R. Zagst & H. Reuscher. Ancistrobrevine B, the first naphthylisoquinoline alkaloid with A 5,8’-coupling site, and related compounds from Ancistrocladus abbreviatus. Phytochemistry 31(11):4011-4, 1992

With G. Bringmann, M. Rubenacker & T. Geuder. Dioncophylline B, a naphthylisoquinoline alkaloid with a new coupling type from Triphyophyllum peltatum. Phytochemistry 30 (11):3845-7, 1991

With G. Bringmann, M. Rubenacker, P. Vogt, H. Busse, K. Peters & H.G. Von Schnering. Dioncopeltine A and dioncolactone A: alkaloids from Triphyophyllum peltatum. Phytochemistry 30 (5):1691-6, 1991


With G. Bringmann, M. Rubenacker, E. Ammermann & G. Lorenz. Use of dioncophyllines as fungicides DE4117080 (1991) & EP0515856A1 (1992)

With G. François, G. Bringmann, J.D. Phillipson, M.R. Boyd, G. Schneider & G. Timperman. Naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use for the treatment of malaria US195,547 (1994) & CA2183155A1 (1995)

With G. François, G. Bringmann, J.D. Phillipson, M.R. Boyd, G. Schneider & G. Timperman. Antimalarial naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids and pharmaceutical compositions and medical uses thereof US 5639761 (1994) & 6627641 (1997)



Staurogynopsis 1959 with Mangenot


Adenia miegei 1961

Cassia tuhovalyana 1985

Cephaelis baillehachei 1960

Cephaelis castaneo-pilosa 1961

Cephaelis mangenotii 1959

Cephaelis schnellii 1959

Chytranthus mangenotii 1962 with N. Hallé

Chytranthus vereamdus 1962 with N. Hallé

Cola lorougnonis 1980

Dorstenia astyanactis 1967

Drypetes singroboensis 1960

Eugenia miegeana 1960

Fagara atchoum 1960

Fagara mezoneurispinosa 1960

Fagara psammophila 1960

Geophila flaviflora 1961

Heckeldora mangenotiana 1989 with Lorougnon

Leptoderis miegei 1975 with Mangenot

Melanthera tithonioides 1964

Psychotria hallei 1960 with Bouton

Psychotria juglasiana 1959

Staurogynopsis maiana 1959 with Mangenot

Staurogynopsis paludosa 1959 with Mangenot

Turraea adjanohounii 1961


Coffea x arabusta 1975 with Capot


Akeassia Lebrun & Stork 1993 (Asteraceae)