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Juan Nepomuceno Adorno

Juan Nepomuceno Adorno, Mexican philosopher, mechanic and inventor (Ciudad de Mexico 16 May 1807 – Ciudad de Mexico 1880)
Performed studies on meteorology, hydrography and hygiene  


Melography, a new musical writing in Melographie or nouvelle notation musicale (1855)

Melograph piano or pianola

Devices for manufacturing cigarettes, cigars and shredded tobacco (1846)

Weapons (e.g. a weapon that could fire up to 70 rounds of ammunition per minute)

A superdynamic railway

A kaleidoscopic machine to prevent falsification of official documents

Three-wheeled anti-rollover armored vehicles

Detachable buildings  

Devices for pumping flood-water from dwellings

A terrestrial globe capable of separation into pieces and 12 convex maps of Earth

Accounting devices

A steam mill