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José Martiniano de Azevedo Netto

José Martiniano de Azevedo Netto, Brazilian civil and sanitary engineer (Mococa, São Paulo State 21 October 1918 – São Paulo 26 June 1991)

His Manual de Hidráulica (Handbook of Hydraulics) was translated into Russian language

Proposed Brazilian or Azevedo Netto method for retention and distribution of stormy waters
With Carlos A. Richter proposed a flocculation in porous media and in meshes or grids  (1991)
Derived a formula to compute maximum speed in hydraulic conduits  

Proposed a slow sand filter for domestic use

With E.R. Yassuda & J.A. Martins headed the design and construction of Cantareira System, one of greatest systems of water supply and impounding in the world (1968-73)