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Jorge Washington Abalos

Jorge Washington Abalos Urieta, Argentine entomologist, arachnologist and writer (La Plata 20 September 1915 – Cordoba 28 September 1979)
Authored about 60 scientific works

Established technical basis for Chagas disease prophylaxis employing residual action insecticides (i.e. Gammexane or BHC in 1947) independently from Pellegrino & Dias

With C. Romaña. Acción del “Gammexane” sobre los triatomídeos. “Control” domiciliario. An. Inst. Med. Reg. Tucumán 2:95-106, 1948
Described genus Vachonia 1954 (Arachnida) and 18 new species in Insecta and Arachnida

With Baez & Nader described snake species Epicrates alvarezi 1964


Abalosia Reig & Quintana 1991 (Fossil Mammalia)