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Jorge Abulafia

Jorge Abulafia Bendjuya, Argentine dermatologist (Zarate 06 January 1921 – Buenos Aires 07 May 2006)

Internationally respected as a great name in dermatopathology

Authored 210 works and 7 books

With R. Vignale, J. Araujo & G. Pascal et al described histologic and immunohistochemical features of Van der Woude syndrome (1998)

With C.A. Kaminsky, A.R. de Kaminsky & S.E. Costantini presented possibly the first report of an eosinophilic panniculitis due to gnathostomiasis (1989)

With D. Grinspan & A.L. Reis named facial midline malignant syndrome (1988)  

With A.M. Casalá, A.M. Kowalczuk, C.A. Bianchi & O. Bianchi described the unilateral multiple perifolicular fibromes and its histogenesis (1983)

Concluded that lichenoid hystic reaction presents a histopathologic mechanism that occurs in a wide group of dermatosis and tumours (1983)

With J.J. Guido, O. Gennaro, R.O. Landoni & R. Berdichesky authored Benign strophic papulitis: a new non-fatal cutaneous-intestinal syndrome (1968)