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João de Aguiar Pupo

João Bueno de Aguiar Pupo, Brazilian dermatologist (Itatiba, São Paulo State 12 May 1890 – São Paulo 23 August 1980)
With E. Rabello identified lepromatous and tuberculoid polar-types
First to prescribe penicillin for syphilis
Introduced sodium arsenite in the treatment of leishmaniasis
Introduced aminoarsenophenol (arsenical) in the treatment of American tegumentary leishmaniasis (1926)

With L. Cunha Motta described blastomycotic paronychia (1936)


Verified immunoallergic dissociation phenomenon


Reported the occurrence of two kinds of multiform erythema in leprosy (papulous and nodous) in 1930

First to show the epidemiological importance of uncharacteristic forms of the leprosy (1940) 


Aguiar Pupo moriform ulcerous stomatitis, an anatomo-clinical manifestation of paracoccidioidomycosis 
Aguiar Pupo nodular or dermohypodermic lesion (1946)

Aguiar Pupo method for treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis