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Joaquín María Albarrán y Domínguez

Joaquín María Albarrán y Domínguez, Cuban-born French urologist (Sagua, La Grande 09 May 1860 - Paris 17 January 1912)
Authored more than 317 publications

First to perform surgical retreat of kidney and prostate

First to insert urethral catheter on a bougie at the renal pelvis level

First performed planned nephrostomy 

First to perform uretherolithotomy

First to note the importance of nephrostomy drainage in calculous annuria

First diagnosed cellular carcinoma in transition of renal pelvis (1903)

Created renal functional exploration

Described an oral hydraulic test for detecting tubular epithelial injury

Proposed early nephrectomy as treatment of unilateral renal tuberculosis (1897)

Described Escherichia coli as causating agent of collibaciluria or Albarrán’s disease (with Halle)

Observed Albarrán’s sign (urethral hemorrhage) in the presence of renal pelvic cancer (1903)

Presented a new classification system of bladder tumours

Clarified entero-renal septic view

Simplified urether catheterization

Developed perineal operation

Developed sterilizer for decontamination of probes

Developed vesical syringe and instillation syringe

Added a ear-screw to Nitze cystoscope for declining catheter (1896)

Designed catgut knitting for renal rupture

Designed metallic valves for prostatectomy

Designed a cystoscope for urethral catheterization (with Guyon) (1897)

Conceived moving claw for cystoscope (1897)

Vesical phantom for urethral catheterism

A number of urethral probes 

Descripcion anatomica nueva: demonstração de la marcha que siguen los microbios para producirla

Un nouvelle varieté d’incontinence d’urine



Albarrán urethrotrome

Albarrán test for detecting renal insufficiency investigating polyuria

Albarrán gland or medial lobe of prostate or Home lobe

Albarrán-Motz glands or sub cervical glands of urethra  

Albarrán tubules 

Albarrán onglet 

Albarrán operation 

Albarrán-Proust operation

Albarrán-Ormond syndrome 

Desnos-Albarrán urethrotrome 

Albarrán catheter

Albarrán lever  
Albarrán-Guyon method 
Albarran-Guyon law “the sickest kidney is the most constant under experimental polyuria” (1906)   

Albarrán curvo-linear incision

Albarrán forceps

Albarrán point

Albarrán clamp

Albarrán nail 

Israel-Albarrán incision

Albarrán cystoscope

Albarrán-Bazy costal point

Albarrán-Israel essential hematuria

Albarrán-Herz Boyer method or test for studying blood in urine  

Albarrán radiated nephritis or pyonephritis

Albarrán experimental polyuria  

Albarrán ilio pelvic pathway  

Albarrán-Marion nephropexy

Albarrán-Surraco pyelotomy


President, First International Congress of Urology 1908
Medicine and Physiology Nobel Prize nominee 1912