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Francisco Radler de Aquino

Francisco Radler de Aquino, Brazilian military (New York, USA 23 January 1878 – Rio de Janeiro 08 October 1954)
Considered a world authority in navigational studies.

His navigation tables were adopted by English and United States naval services


Published navigation altitude and azimuth tables, adopted by Marine Ministery in United States

The “newest” navigation altitude and azimuth tables for facilitating the determination of lines of position and geographical position at sea: the simplest and readiest in solution, plane and spherical traverse table for solving all problems of navigation (1918);


New log and versine altitude tables (1912)


A new way of rapid computing  the time angle of a star  

Nova maneira de calcular rapidamente o ângulo horário de um astro. Revista Maritima Brasileira 38:653, 748,

Conceived Tangent and Secant Method for solving astronomical spheric triangle in relation to height and azimuth employing only tangent and secant logarithmic tables (1933)


Presented the first scientific solution of double-entry table’s problem for computing the vessel’s position at high sea using simultaneous determination of time angle and Sun azimuth.



Marine Piezovelocimeter

Diagram protractor

Graduated square

A mechanical indicator for Thomson plumb lines

A chemical indicator for Thomson plumb lines  

An electrical device for orders transmission employing lamps  

An electrical odometer
A new echobathmeter (1934)