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Floriano Paulo de Almeida

Floriano Paulo de Almeida, Brazilian medical mycologist (São Paulo 25 January 1898 - Taubaté, São Paulo State 10 July 1977)
With E. Souza Campos distinguished North American blastomycosis from South American blastomycosis know as Lutz-Splendore-Almeida disease (1927)
With C.S. Lacaz first to isolate Histoplasma capsulatum (1939)

With C.S. Lacaz obtained antigen paracoccidiodin for skin test of South American blastomycosis (1941)

With C.S. Lacaz, S. Sampaio & J.C. Fernandes presented the first report about cat to man transmission of sporotrichosis (1955)
Developed Almeida-Silva Lacaz yeast sporulation medium
With Barros developed method for genetic determination of levuliform fungi  

With C. S. Lacaz. Nova técnica para demonstração rápida dos ascoporos. Folia Clin. Biol. 12(4), 1940


With M. Fernandes. Nova técnica para o isolamento rápido do Paracoccidioides brasiliensis. An. Fac. Med. Univ. S. Paulo 20:155-7, 1944




Paracoccidioides 1930 etiologic agent of South American blastomycosis


Fonsecaea monophora with Moore

Geotrichum virulens 1940 with Lacaz

Streptomyces paraguayensis (1940)