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Federico Ahlfeld

Federico (Friedrich) Adolf Ernst Ahlfeld, German-born Bolivian geologist and mineralogist (Marburg an der Lahn 06 October 1892 – La Paz 09 January 1982)

Authored 186 works

Described the mineral species ramdohrite (1930) & angelellite (1959)

With R. Herzenberg described the mineral blockite (1935) from which others researchers described and named penroseite (1937)

With J. Muñoz Reyes first to describe the mineral mandarinoite but didn't named it (1955)

With J. Muñoz Reyes first to observe and describe the mineral selenolite (1955) later described and named downeyite


Mineralogia Boliviana (1966)

Geologia de Bolivia. Rev. Museo La Plata (1946)

Estudios geológicos de yacimientos minerales de la Provincia de Jujuy (1948)


Ahlfeldite Ramdohr 1935 (Mineral)