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Eduardo Acosta Bendek

Eduardo Francisco Acosta Bendek, Colombian obstetrician (Sitio Nuevo, Magdalena Department 24 July 1919 – Barranquilla 27 December 2017)

Discovered Culex fatigans as a vector of Wuchereiria bancrofti

Reported  fetus crying in uterus in Obst. Ginec. Latinoamericana 14:255, 1956

Proposed the use of intrauterine oxygen as a contrast medium for placental location (1958)

Demonstrated that fetus swallows intrauterinally

Discovered and recorded the breath motionsin uterus

Developed a suture with separating points of uterine segment for cesarean section

Developed a technique and a teaspoon for molar pregnancy

Nuevo instrumento: cucharilla molar. Rev. Col. Obst. Gin. 19:447, 1968