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Donato Alarcón Segovia

Donato Alarcón Segovia, Mexican physician (Ciudad de Mexico 06 May 1935 – Ciudad de Mexico 21 December 2004)
Authored over 300 papers, 14 books and 99 book chapters
World Pioneer on studies of immune regulating circuits and analysis of pathogenic role of antinuclear and anti-phospholipids antibodies
With D.G. Alarcón reported the first detailed description of pleuropulmonary manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus (1961)
Studied lupus drug-induced syndromes, described its clinical aspects and auto antibodies that feature it (1969)
First to suggest that antinuclear antibodies could be natural antinuclear auto antibodies (1970) before Avrameas  
With A. Ruiz Arguelles & E. Fishbein first described antibodies penetration in living cells and its functional consequences in Nature 271:67-9, 1978
With F. Ramos Niembro, R.P. Tamayo & J. Alcocer proposed the use of colchicine for treatment of sclerodermia (1979)
With J. Alcocer described cytokines relationship to a disease in J. Clin. Investig. (1981)
Performed the first studies about nuclear medicine application to rheumatic studies disease
With A.E. Gharavi first described primary variety of antiphospholipid syndrome (1989)
With Harris described the criteria of antiphospholipid syndrome 
Imagined the bone gammagraphy technique
Eponym of Alarcón Segovia diagnostic criteria for mixed connective tissue disease and Alarcon-Brown classification for nectrotizing vasculitides
Held about 10000 citations