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Candido Macasaet Africa

Candido Macasaet Africa, Philippine parasitologist and tropical physician (Lipa, Batangas 02 October 1895 - Manila 12 February 1945)
He was th first in the world to describe and report cases of heterophydiasis in human heart.
Described the genus Heterophyopsis (Trematoda) 
Candidotrema Dollfus 1951 (Trematoda)
Published 69 scientific papers.
Certain Developmental Stages of Ascaris lumbricoides ova in live tissue
Preliminary Reports in Cysticercous Cellulose in Man
Notes on Malaria
Visceral Complications in Intestinal Heterophydiasis of Man
The Occurrence of Bartiella in Man, Monkey and Dog in Philippines.
Three Cases of Insect Bites involving Triatoma Rubrofasciata  
An arthropod associated with chronic dermatitis involving the face.