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Candido Macasaet Africa

Candido Macasaet Africa, Philippine parasitologist and tropical physician (Lipa, Batangas 02 October 1895 - Manila 12 February 1945)

Published 69 scientific papers

He was the first in the world to describe and report cases of heterophydiasis in human heart

First report of Cheilospirura hamulosa parasitizing the man

With E. Y. Garcia. A new nematode parasite (Cheilospirura sp.) in the eye of man in the Philippines. J. Phil. Is. Med. Assoc. 16:603-7, 1936 



Heterophyopsis 1938 with Tubangui


Candidotrema loossi 1930

Carneophallus brevicaeca 1935 with Garcia

Haplorchis vanissimus 1938

Heterophyopsis expectans 1938 with Tubangui

Plagiorchis philippinensis 1937

Procerovum calderoni 1935 with Garcia

Stictodora manilensis 1935 with Garcia


With E.Y. Garcia & W. de Leon.Visceral Complications in Intestinal Heterophydiasis of Man. Acta Med. Philipp. (1940)

An attempt to elucidate the filtration of eggs of certain heterophyid trematodes into the general circulation (1938)

With W. de Leon. Observations on the mechanism of phagocytosis of various helminth ova (1938)

With P.G. Refuerzo & E.Y. Garcia. Observations on the life cycle of Gnathostoma spinigerum. Philipp. J. Science 59:513-23, 1936

With P.G. Refuerzo & E.Y. Garcia. Further observations on the life cycle of Gnathostoma spinigerum. Philipp. J. Science 61:221-5, 1936

The Occurrence of Bertiella in Man, Monkey and Dog in Philippines (1935)

Three Cases of Insect Bites involving Triatoma Rubrofasciata (1934)

An arthropod associated with chronic dermatitis involving the face (1933)

Studies on the host relations to Nippostrongylus muris with special reference to age resistance and caquired immunity. J. Parasit. 18:1-13, 1931

With E.Y. Garcia. Embryonated eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides in mesenteric tissue of man with special reference to possibility of autoinfection 

With J.Z. Santa Cruz. Preliminary Reports in Cysticercous Cellulose in Man. J. P. M. A. 7:209-15, 1927 

Notes on Malaria

Certain Developmental Stages of Ascaris lumbricoides ova in live tissue

Candidotrema Dollfus 1951 (Trematoda)