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Bal Krishan Anand

Bal Krishan Anand, Indian physiologist (Lahore 17 September 1917 – 02 April 2007)

First described the presence of a “feeding center” and “satiety center” in the hypothalamic region of rat brain

With John R. Brobeck. Hypothalamic control of food intake in rats and cats. Yale J. Biol. Med. 24:123-40, 1951

Discovered that the synthesis of acetylcholine declines in winters and that small amounts of acetylcholine accelerate rather than slow down the heart

Influence of temperature on vagal inhibition and liberation of acetylcholine in frog hearts. Am. J. Physiol. 168:218, 1952
Established the regulation of various visceral responses from the limbic system of brain linking emotional and aggressive behaviour with these responses