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O. Arunlakshana, Thai pharmacologist (fl.1949-59)

Established a practical and rigorous procedure for the operational classification of competitive antagonism (Arunlakshana-Schild method for determining Kb of an antagonist)  

With H.O. Schild. Some quantitative uses of drug antagonists. Br. J. Pharmacol. Chemother. 14(1):48-58, 1959

Authored Studies of indigenous drugs. I. Pharmacological study of the leaves of Cassia siamea. Siriraj Hosp. Gaz. 1:434-44, 1949

Dayananda Bajracharya, Nepalese plant physiologist (Maru Tole, Kathmandu 22 September 1945 – Kathmandu 11 November 2013)

Authored 35 original research articles and 10 books

With P. Schopfer first to observe signals originating in plastids regulating light-mediated development of peroxisome (1970s)

Established that light affects the function of mitochondria and microbodies in plant cells


Honorary Member, World Innovation Foundation, United Kingdom

Abdul Latif Ibrahim, Malaysian veterinarian (Kajanga, Selangor 01 September 1938 –

Developed a vaccine against Newcastle disease

With C.M. Lai & I. Aini. Spray vaccination with an improved Newcastle disease. Brit. Vet.J. 139:213-9, 1983

Datuk (Dato) Manikavasagam Jegathesan, Malaysian microbiologist and athlete (Kuala Kangsar, Perak 02 November 1943 –

Authored over 130 papers

Established and/or standardized procedures for the microbiological examination of food-stuffs

Discovered a bacterium named after him Bacillus thuringiensis sorovar Jegathesan (1993)  

Abdullah Sadiq, Pakistani physicist (Peshawar 05 August 1940 – 

Gained international renown for his studies on phase transition theory, computer simulation and solid-state nuclear track detector

Received ICPT Prize Winner (1987)