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Juan Pedro Baigorri Velar, Argentine engineer and geophysicist (Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos Province 1891 – Buenos Aires 24 March 1972)

Invented the pluviógeno, a rainmaking apparatus (1926-38) with worldwide repercussion 

León Elkin, Jewish Argentine surgeon (1898 – 1969)


Equipment for indirect laryngoscopy

Apparatus and method for press vocal chords  

José Mario Fallotico, Argentine citizen (San Vicente, Santa Fe Province 10 October 1897 – Buenos Aires 07 June 1962)

Invented a staff for blind ones (1921) before US George Benham

Ignacio Lucio Imaz Apphatie, Argentine physician 

With Emilio Lorentz improved the Ghedini procedure for serum diagnosis of echinococcosis (1908)

Developed a new diagnostic method for showing the blood incompatibility in transfusion 

Luis Miguel Japas, Argentine surgeon (1925 – August 2000)

Authored over 100 works

With L.M. Japas. Un signo clínico de displasia rotuliana. Rev. Asoc. Arg. Ortop. Traum. 58(4):500-1, 1993 

Eponym of Japas osteotomy or procedure


With C.E. Ottolenghi. Fractures latérales du col du fémur, varieté extradigitale. Rev. Chir. Ortop. 50:389-98, 1964

Surgical treatment of pes cavus by tarsal V-osteotomy. J. Bone Joint Surgery 50ª:927-44, 1968

With F. de Schant. La biopsie par ponction et aspiration du corps vertebral dorsal. Rev. Chir. Ortop. 56:763-70, 1970