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Juan Pedro Baigorri Velar, Argentine engineer and geophysicist (Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos Province 1891 – Buenos Aires 24 March 1972)

Invented the pluviógeno, a rainmaking apparatus (1926-38) with worldwide repercussion 

León Elkin, Jewish Argentine surgeon (1898 – 1969)


Equipment for indirect laryngoscopy

Apparatus and method for press vocal chords  

José Mario Fallotico, Argentine citizen (San Vicente, Santa Fe Province 10 October 1897 – Buenos Aires 07 June 1962)

Invented a staff for blind ones (1921) before US George Benham

Julio Hirschhorn Grinstein, Jewish Argentine agronomist (Colón, Entre Ríos Province 21 June 1895 - ?)

Brother of mycologist and plant pathologist Elisa Hirschhorn

Developed new rice cultivars such as Chacarero (1935)


Juliohirschhornia Hirschhorn 1986 (Fungi) 

Ignacio Lucio Imaz Apphatie, Argentine physician 

With Emilio Lorentz improved the Ghedini procedure for serum diagnosis of echinococcosis (1908)

Developed a new diagnostic method for showing the blood incompatibility in transfusion 

Luis Miguel Japas, Argentine surgeon (1925 – August 2000)

Authored over 100 works

With L.M. Japas. Un signo clínico de displasia rotuliana. Rev. Asoc. Arg. Ortop. Traum. 58(4):500-1, 1993 

Eponym of Japas osteotomy or procedure


With C.E. Ottolenghi. Fractures latérales du col du fémur, varieté extradigitale. Rev. Chir. Ortop. 50:389-98, 1964

Surgical treatment of pes cavus by tarsal V-osteotomy. J. Bone Joint Surgery 50ª:927-44, 1968

With F. de Schant. La biopsie par ponction et aspiration du corps vertebral dorsal. Rev. Chir. Ortop. 56:763-70, 1970

Francisco Martín Jauregui, Argentine physician (Buenos Aires 04 July 1876 – Buenos Aires 1961) 

Gained international recognition for his studies on yellow fever and syphilis

Authored the book La fievre jaune (1911)

With Luis Lancelotti proposed the syphilis serumtherapy (1924)

Worked joined to famous names like Paul Ehrlich and Elie Metchnikoff

Correspondent Member, Societé Zoologique de France 

Atanasio Quiroga, Argentine chemist (San Juan 17 June 1853 – Buenos Aires 14 August 1916)

Invented devices for analysing and extraction of gases

El tasímetro. Doctoral Thesis (1888)

Extractor baro-termico (nuevo aparato para extraer los gases de sus soluciones especialmente de las aguas) 1910