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Antonio Austregésilo

Antonio Austregésilo Rodrigues Lima, Brazilian neurologist and author (Recife 21 April 1876 - Rio de Janeiro 23 December 1960)
Demonstrated how the endocrine syndromes appear associated and rarily separated (1903)

Syndrome pluriglandular endocrine. Neurol. Clinic Series (1917)


Demonstrated that camphor bromide produce epilepsy

Ataques epileptoides produzidos pelo uso do brometo de canfora. Brasil Medico 57: 74, 1909

Described Austregesilo-Esposel sign
With Faustino M. Esposel. Le phénomene de Babinski provoqué par éxcitation de la cuisse. L'Encéphale 7:429-36, 1912. 
Published the first case of post traumatic dystonia in world literature
With A. Marques. Dystonies. Rev.Neurol. 2:562-575, 1928.
Described epidemic neuromyelitis or Austregésilo disease (1931)

Epidemics Acute and subacute Neuromyelitis observed in Brazil. Revue Neurol. (1935)

Showed that the peripheric nerves have neither anatomical, functional nor physiopathological individuality in Neuronosis Conceptions (1934-8)

Proposed the notion of striated influence of pyramidal spasticity 

Proposed the concept of cataphrenia (1919)

Coined the terms cataphrenia and nervous weakness

Enunciated the law of pathogenic biotoxic electivity or Austregésilo law (c.1914)

With O. Gallotti & J. Bittencourt described syndrome of lumbosacral layers or Austregesilo syndrome (1939)

First to establish the relationships and connections between many neuromuscular diseases and cerebelo-muscular degenerations (1918)

First to demonstrate in anima nobilia hookworm infestation by skin, regarded as a demonstration most complete that of Looss

With Moisés Alvares de Menezes. Infestação da anquilostomíase pela pele

First histopathological study of renal capsules in yellow fever

Estudo histopatológoco das cápsulas supra-renais na febre amarela (1908)

First to describe scurvy polyneuritis

Polineurites escorbúticas (1908)

New signs in yellow fever

Alguns sinais cardíacos ainda não descritos na febre amarela (1908)

Demonstrated the pyramidal and extra-pyramidal origin of capsular contractures

The pyramido extrapyramidal contracture. Soc. Bras. Neur. Psiq. Med. Legal (1920)

Proposed the doctrine of mental analysis in Mental Analysis (1936)


Eponym of Austregésilo disease or pulmonic grippal basitis and Austregésilo thalamic states  
Some other works with repercussion
With O. Gallotti. Sur un cas d'hémiparésie et d'hémichorée avec lésion du noyau caudé. Rev. Neurol. 1(1):41, 1924.
Les chorées et les manifestations choreiformes. Rev. Neurol. 1:179, 1931.