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Ameghino brothers

Florentino Ameghino, Argentine paleontologist (Luján, Buenos Aires Province 18 September 1854 – La Plata 06 August 1911)

Son of Italian parents. Some say that his name was Juan Bautista Fiorino José Ameghino and that was born in Italy. 

Gained world renown for his studies about Terciarian and Quaternarian mammalia from Argentina  

Discovered over 6000 fossil species being most of  them new to science (of these 450 were new species of Fossil Mammalia)

Created and named 35 suborders of Fossil Mammalia

Described 3 orders, 1 suborder, 3 families, 6 genera e 2 subspecies of Living Mammalia

Joined to his brother Carlos both described  642 genera of Fossil Mammalia, 41 of Fossil Birds, 7 of Fossil Reptilia, 7 of Fossil Fishes and 1 of Fossil Amphibia.    

Recognized 90 sedimentary formations  

Proposed a new system of shorthand, the Ameghino shorthand (1880)


Ameghinotherium Podestá 1898   (Fossil Mammalia)

Ameghinomya  Ihering 1907 (Gastropoda)  

Florentinites Spegazzini 1924 (Fossil Plants)

Florentinoameghinia Simpson 1932 (Fossil Mammalia)

Ameghinichnus Casamiquela 1961 (Ichnogenus Mammalia)

Ameghinornis  Mourer-Chauviré 1981 (Fossil Birds)

Ameghinoceratodus Apesteguía, Agnolin & Claeson 2007 (Fossil Pisces)

Ameghinoite Aristaraín & Hurlbut 1967 (Mineral)



Carlos Ciriaco Ameghino,  Argentine paleontologist and collector (Luján, Buenos Aires Province 16 June 1865 – Buenos Aires 12 April 1936)

Discovered 108 new species of Terciarian Mammalia

Discovered  Phororhacoids birds from Argentine (1887)


Ameghiniella Spegazzini 1888 (Fungi)

Ameghinoa Spegazzini 1897 (Asteraceae)

Caroloameghinia Ameghino 1901 (Fossil Mammalia)

Ameghinoites Spegazzini 1924 (Fossil Plantae)

Ameghinoceratodus Apesteguía, Agnolin & Claeson 2007 (Fossil Pisces)

Carolites Spegazzini 1924 (Fossil Plantae)

Ameghinoite Aristaraín & Hurlbut 1967 (Mineral)