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Alfonso Roque Albanese

Alfonso Roque Albanese, Italian-born Argentine surgeon and anatomist (Corigliano, Cosenza 04 May 1906 – Buenos Aires August 2005)

Described Albanese interureteral lamina known as Chifflet abdominopelvian lamina or Ruiz-Liard upper sacrorectal ligament too

La lamina inter-ureteral. Prensa Med. Arg. 7:297-300, 1945 
Reported the first cases in the world in Tetralogia de Fallot y dextrocardia (1948)

A technique for supraumbilical median incisional hernias

Eventración mediana xifoumbilical gigante: metodo para su tratamiento. Rev. Asoc. Med. Arg. 65:376, 1951

Albanese operation (escoplage and tuboescoplage)

Escoplage: a new surgical technique for treatment of venous disorders  
Created cervico-mediastinal biopsy method
Developed original methods for dissection and presentation of anatomical elements  
Developed aorta coarctation surgery (1939)
Technic of dissection of perineum
Albanese technique for splanchnic and celiac plexus block
Approach technique for sympathetic nervous system using infradiaphragmatic via (1947)
Lumbar sympathicectomy with local anesthesia (1955)
New instrument of varicose vein surgery. J. Cardiovasc. Surg.