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Alejandro J. Arvia

Alejandro Jorge Arvia Stupenengo, Argentine electrochemist (La Plata 14 January 1928 –

Authored over 700 Works

With G. Paus & A.J. Calandra. Descripción de un circuito para voltametria ciclica y su aplicación. Anales Soc. Cien. Arg (1971)


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With J.J. Podesta & R.C.V. Piatti. Comparative electron microscopy (SEM) examination of Fe, Au and Zn electrodes surfaces polarized in different regions of potentiostatic I/E behavior (1982)

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With J.C. Bazan & J.S. Carrozza. Diffusion of ferro- and ferricyanide ions in aqueous potassium chloride solutions and in solutions containing carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt. (1968)

With J.C. Bazan & J.S. Carrozza. Electrochemical study of the diffusion of cupric ion in aqueous and aqueous glycerol solutions containing sulphuric acid. Electrochim. Acta 11:881-9, 1966

With P. Cracco & M. Dole. ESR studies of free radical decay in irradiated polyethylene. J. Chem. Phys. 37:2449, 1962 

With J.M. Gomez Rodríguez, A.M. Baro, L. Vazquez, R.C. Salvarezza & J.M. Vara. Fractal surfaces of gold and platinum electrodeposition dimensionality determination by scanning tunneling microscopy 


Pergamon Electrochimica Acta Gold medal, International Society of Electrochemistry (2000)

Heyrovsky Medal (1990)

Luigi Galvani Medal, Italian Society of Chemistry (2001)

Chemistry Nobel Prize nominee